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"You truly showed your professionalism when attending me at Asda Peterlee. I had accidentally put £40 of petrol into my husbands BMW, he went ape by the way. Ha Ha. Thanks a lot David the Technician."
"Very good service, 5 stars at 11pm on night. Only waited 25 minutes when my breakdown was going to come next day."
"Petrol Station gave me your card and i have to say what a cracking young chap that came out to me, i was chewing his ear off on why i put wrong fuel in my car but he just listened. Cracking lad, didn't get his name but he had a Jeep 4x4. Thanks."
"On me way to work at 6am not thinking, still asleep and I put petrol in my diesel, lad got to me within 15 mins and it took about that to take it all out. Word of warning, don't tell your mates what you did. I'm getting hounded. Lol. Cheers lads."
"Silly mistake, won't happen again. Thanks to the forecourt and the lad who attended me. Cracking service."
"Use my diesel car for long journeys but my scooter for work, you just took my overtime off me. ha ha, could have been worse though if I broke my scooter I could have been looking at a new engine which is a fortune. Thanks Forecourt Assist North East."
"Filled up the works truck with petrol instead of diesel, wouldn't care I even put the handle back onto the pump and restarted it again because it cut off at 99 litres. 200 litres later I realised my mistake. what a plonker I am. Cheers for rapid response Carl"
"Put petrol in a diesel Ford Minibus. My car is a petrol and this stupid huge thing is a diesel. Never mind its happened, thanks anyway to Carl who saved the day."
"Cheers to David I believe his name to be for rescuing me at Stockton yesterday. Cracking lad."
"OMG, can not believe there is a page dedicated to us, ha ha haa. Thank you for getting out to me so quick, told my dad and he went light. Never minds peeps. Thanks."
"The work van wasn't running right, got from ashington all the way to Easington on A19 before I came to a stop, I was recommended to use you from a pal of mine. Good work, keep it up. "
"Wife found you on the internet while I battled on with my insurance company, they tried to charge me £340 and I was without a car for a week. Thank goodness for the service you provide."
"See you used that picture on your site, thanks for your help kid, recommend you to anyone I know does it."
"Hi, I'd like to start by saying thank you and sorry to the chap on the phone. This guy told me to use these services but I chose to ignore the advice given to me by yourselves. I decided to use the Fuel Stations own provided fuel services at Scotch Corner, on the A1 motorway. Some guy turned up in a small white van after waiting 90 mins and told me he could not do that make and model. After hurling abuse to this guy I called Forecourt Assist North East and although I had to wait 1hr I have to say your guy turned up on time and sorted my vehicle out for me. I have responded an email to this other idiotic guy but I've not had much feedback from them. Thank you so much."
"Staff at Esso where so helpful, made me a cup of coffee while I waited for you. 30 mins or so it took David to do my car. You got good staff there. Thanks!"
"Staff were very helpful at Washington and when the technician came he had my car away super quick. I thought he was going to take it to a garage, didn't realise he did it at the fuel station. Thank you so much. "
"Cracking service, thanks"
"Well done to me for filling up with petrol instead of diesel. Fella who came out (mike) might be wrong on name but what a laugh he was. Cheered me right up, didn't realise that it was that common of a mistake to have this type of service all over the UK. Really pleased. "

Updated: 24 November 2014

"5 star service, thanks to your service I was back on the road within the hour. Thanks"
"Thanks for your services. Highly recommended!!"
"Was on route to Sunderland match in a rush and filled up my vehicle with the wrong fuel. The forecourt gave me your card and I called. Very polite and friendly service over phone and when the lad came out to fix my car was really happy. Whole procedure took about 45 minutes from me calling you. Excellent service. Would advise friends and family on using you. Made the match as well. Thanks"
"Thanks for the help to all involved getting me back home!"
"Really pleased with service received. Quicker and cheaper than my recovery who were going to charge me £250. This company is much cheaper!"
"David came out to me late on Saturday night. Really good service. I called another company which I got off the internet but the forecourt denied him on the fuel station because he did not have correct paperwork. While your technician was doing my car he told me this company is banned off many forecourts. Would advise this company to anyone. Thanks"
"I've read through most these comments and can't add anymore really. Pleased with the service. Cheers bud"
"Cheers for helping me, much appreciated. All the best"
"Rapid response from your fuel lad, and quick worker. Took him 20 minutes to get to me and 20 minutes to drain my car. Hope I never see you again but have your number handy for myself, friends and family"
"2 cars in family. I drive diesel and wife's is petrol. We swap cars all the time and I was not thinking straight. Put £120 of petrol in my car. Devastated. Never mind, there are a lot things worse in life. Cracking service by the lads who turned up"
"Late for Sunday service at church, very grateful for a quick response. One must remember to check the fuel pump handle rather than look at the colour of the pipe"
What a great service this is, would recommend Forecourt Assist North East to anyone!
Thank you for your services. So pleased David got my car going again. I thought I ruined my car. What a relief when it was started. 5 star service.
Great service! Highly recommended
Thank you so much for getting me out that wrong fuel horror. You, the recovery operator and the Forecourt all deserve medals the way I've just been treat there. Thank you so much to all involved. Highly recommended. - Karen x
Alan dempster Mazda 6 location Hexham Jamie the fella that came out to me was brilliant totally faultless in the service he provided. Will recommend you to anyone thank you so much
dear all at f.c.a .north east A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL.... and carl walker what a guy he got got my car back on the road in 10min you are number 1 emergency. along side AA, RAC, GREEN FLAG. after putting petrol in a diesal car .well worth it thanks lads keep up the good work what a team ormesby bank mr stephen hayes
Brilliant service, quoted silly price from another company. This company quoted me cheap price, brilliant time I’m getting out and even provided me with fuel and give me a little aftercare. Brilliant. Cheers.

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